Finally American leadership reasserts itself. Meanwhile, the useless Madeline Albright, campaigning for kindred hustling fraud Barack Obama, sniffs and gives Mitt a “C” in foreign policy. This from a “professor” and her political Leftist cronies whom history and facts have flunked and expelled. Meanwhile, the delusional Richard Cohen, speaking for the slavish Obamaphile media, commits professional hari-kiri, proclaiming Obama “a  dad out of a ’50s sitcom, a national security hawk .” He also wishes Barack would talk “blacker” more often like he did in that 2007 race-baiting shout out to Jeremiah Wright and the rest of the Permanently Angry Black voting bloc.

For those old enough to remember, Barack Obama appears headed toward the ash heap of history alongside that anti-semitic old schoolmarm Jimmy Carter, proof positive and a warning that these treasonous scoundrels, like germs, are never gone, just resisted or not resisted. The prospect of a coming new era of American freedom, pride, achievement and expansion is cause for much joy.

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