The American Left writhes in agony, but don’t expect them to see the light.

When the New Yorker puts this on its cover, you know the times, they are a-changin’:

Even the reliably odious Bill Maher is irked about wasting his million dollar contribution to Obama and his fellow donkeys…but it’s because Romney’s a liar, not because Obama is the visibly proven empty fraud we all know he was, is, and always will be. Just imagine Bill and his fellow Obamatrons as consistently, predictably rotten investors in the 80s who, given loads of great choices, choose to promote and invest their big bucks in Dr. Dingledorfer’s All-Purpose, Cure-All Universal Elixir that smells and tastes like a yummy urine & kerosene cocktail instead of Apple or Microsoft…and then blame it all on Apple & Microsoft. For the Left, the fault is always elsewhere, not in themselves or in their ideology, but that’s the essence of the Left. It’s always been one big bad idea whose time will never come, but try telling that to a lifelong Liberal/Leftie.

And miracle of miracles, by sheer coincidence & chance on the day after the debate, the economy/unemployment crisis has turned around!!!…Not.

BUT, to be fair and balanced, an honorable grudging admission by the Right that Romney’s debate performance was indeed just a pack of lies. Also, via special reconaissance, the discovery of Obama’s personal notes to himself during the debate.

Yet another perfect image from the brilliant Ramirez:

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