Ostentatiously Generous with Other People’s Money

November 17, 2011

Lady Bountiful.  Robert W Macbeth, frontispiece from The magazine of art, London, 1884.  (Source: archive.org)

Shining the light on the essential Liberal/Socialist mentality: everyone else should fork over on behalf of The Cause…but don’t ask ME to do actually DO anything.  Infatuated with publicly trumpeting their own largess (shaming us Little Folk), Useful “Patriotic Millionaire” Idiots won’t actually be “sacrificing” anything, some not even parting with an extra thin dime of their own dough. As one priggish poseur perfectly posits when asked to put his pennies where his pertly pursed lips are, “You’re being silly.”

Watch Michelle Fields’ illuminating video at Daily Caller. 

Read Nicholas Kristof’s “Bleeding Heart Tightwads” from the New York Times, 2008.

You too can be a Patriotic Millionaire! Click here to make a donation to the U.S. Treasury, thus wiping out all those trillions in debt and saving humanity with one swipe of the card. It’s just that simple, and your [unspecified but certain] reward awaits you.  And, most importantly, everyone can see your name among the other Ladies Bountiful.

More about “Patriotic Millionaires” and the many varieties of Limousine Liberals  and Useful Idiots.  

3 Responses to Ostentatiously Generous with Other People’s Money

  1. Who are the “brownshirts”, Meryl? | Dittoville on February 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    […] Meanwhile, black-masked “anti-fascist” terrorists, funded by SMERSH’s George Soros, wield clubs,  bust jaws, shut down free speech at UC-Berkeley and NYU and generally do the dirty work Liberals like Meryl would rather someone else do. Ain’t that always the way. […]

  2. Howard Schultz | Michelle-Antoinette on April 2, 2017 at 9:14 am

    […] Champagne Socialist (more precisely the ground zero “Latte Liberal“) has just stepped down from his head post at Starbucks  to plan his Presidential […]

  3. […] Billionaire Give Pledge Club. Give away millions (that are like pocket change for you) and force others through Big Gov policies to do the same against their will. You look like a hero, and all the little people are forced to be as virtuous as you! Caveat […]

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