When even the Associated Press starts printing the truth about who really pays the lion’s share of taxes and always have, it may be time for our Socialist President to come clean about what he wants to do to the productive people of this country. That also goes for our friends and neighbors, many of them quite rich themselves, who falsely claim to love the poor more than they hate the rich. That is the real “Buffett Rule.” 

The Associated Press politely takes issue with Obama’s War on the Rich.

The Tax Foundation politely takes issue with Obama’s War on the Rich , concluding that “Lawmakers should stop trying to jump-start the economy in the short run and begin crafting policies that set the country on a long-term growth path. The economic evidence suggests that cutting our corporate and personal income tax rates while broadening the tax base would greatly improve the nation’s prospects for long-term GDP growth while helping to restore Washington’s fiscal health. More importantly, these measures will lead to higher wages and better living standards for American citizens. And that should be the number one priority of any tax policy. 

Larry Kudlow lays out “Obama’s Bizarre Tax Attack” at Townhall.

Revisit Bill Whittle’s excellent video Eat The Rich at IowaHawk.

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