Image Control 101: Certain to offset all those extravagant trips to Spain, Vail and wherever a First Lady can travel with an entourage of hundreds on tax money. A Must Include in our upcoming website, chronicling all the doings of our self-styled Ruling Class. Most appropriately filed under “Frauds & Scoundrels” and “Humor.”

Git Down! with our very basic First Lady at

Next day update!!! Not for the children. It was for the dog! Even nicer.

Oh, the tangled web they weave as the plot thickens. Shopping at Target is a no-no among the Soros-funded, Obama BFFs at who have spearheaded a boycott against Target because Target has supported Republicans! Outrage! They buy elections! (unlike those many corporations making Democratic contributions). Oh wait…Soros just bought over a half million shares in Target.  So unlike George Soros, manipulating markets. So unlike elite Socialists, profiting mightily from the very Capitalist enterprises they claim to deplore. Anyone confused…or just amused?

A primer in crony capitalism: undermine other capitalists in the name of humane, compassionate, “For The People” anti-capitalism…then make a financial killing with the help of some good publicity.

And yet another day hence, the slumming stunt just isn’t playing in Peoria…or anywhere. It just gets funnier & funnier…or “snortalicious” as Michelle Malkin terms it.

And yet another few days go by and things gets even gooier: a new Wu fashion connection with Target that needs promoting. A 40 minute shopping junket to help out a whole variety of friends! How nice does nice get?

She even stands in line like regular “folks.”

When the puffed-up Emperor is shown to have no clothes or becomes the unwitting, permanent punchline of his own comedy routine, it’s really over. At, it’s “Date Night for the Obamas.”

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  1. Well, now we know which one is in charge and running this country. She has got her own plane to travel all over this world at taxpayers expence. She better travel to all the places she wants to see because she will not have this free travel after the next election!!!

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