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Everything old is new again!

The incomparable IowaHawk inspires a graphic video on how, after confiscating ALL the profits from ALL those evil, greedy, rich, rich, rich corporations and individuals, our benevolent government can’t even begin to pay the bills it’s incurring. And yet, our liberal/socialist friends keep chanting, “Spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax, spend more, more, more…” One wonders what they really want.

See Bill Whittle’s graphic video Eat The Rich at IowaHawk.

Read IowaHawk’s sensible tutorial on how to Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day.

The Divine Right of Queens: so much to choose from, but this video from ooo-so-intense, heavily trust-funded Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation says it all. Another very spoiled, Very Rich Socialist hoping to buy her way into heaven with everyone else’s money.  And sooo bossy.

6 Replies to “Eat The Rich”

  1. Fred,
    Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve not seen a better illustrated statement of the mess we are in.

    1. Clarity and hard facts, particularly in the event of bad news, are always a blessing. It also doesn’t hurt if one is actually interested in seeking solutions.

  2. As a performing artist and arts teacher, I am continually astounded by those in my line of work who are all too eager to wipe out those who are the most ardent supporters of the arts in a very direct sense, as if their contributions accounted for nothing. Additionally, the arts are probably the most meritocratic and least egalitarian professions one can pursue.

    I for one like the rich: they get music lessons for their kids, attend cultural events and donate to arts organizations. The rich in America are among the most generous in giving of their bounty to a host of charities, arts organizations, churches and so on.

    Perhaps it’s the non-European mindset that bothers liberals; the Germans, for example, feel that private philanthropy runs counter to the popular will and that the governments they elect are the best arbiters of where all monies should be directed. As a result, individual charitable giving is a mere fraction of the percentage of income given by individual Americans of all income levels.

    Of course, by punishing or abolishing the rich, there can be no middle class because they need to work for someone. Eventually, this enforced egalitarianism results in resentment of anyone who excels at anything.

    1. My observation is that many of today’s self-described “artists” want it both ways: they want artistic freedom AND cradle-to-grave security guaranteed to them. None of this unpleasant business of personal responsibility, having to build up a business, hustle up markets and customers for long, tiresome years. I’m special! I’m an “artiste,” not a lowly plumber/carpenter/shopkeeper/entrepreneur. Just pay/subsidize/support me, so I can “do my thing.” Then there’s the phenomenon of those beyond having to struggle for survival like the wildly overpaid Limousine Liberal/Radical Chic/Hollywood crowd. Probably guilty and more than a little insecure about their bloated good fortune, they publicly ally themselves with the Little People. It looks good, and they’ll be given a pass, come the Revolution. Neither rich nor poor Artist/Socialist seems to realize they’ll be answering to Big Brother too.

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