Lest there be any doubt about where the current occupant of the White House stands specifically on the most fundamental experiences of Americans…and humanity in general…

Go to Jeffrey Folks’ article at American Thinker…and behold that photo.

Thoughtful: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visit section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery on September 10, which contains service members killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Strangers in a Strange Land: festive, frilly white for her, no tie for him as they do compulsory photo-op stroll among the graves of fallen U.S. servicemen at Arlington Cemetery on September 10. Note clutched cell phone just in case something more important calls her away from all the boring ceremonial duties at hand. Perhaps something new, trendy and expensive from her travel agent.

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  1. Honestly, why do we continue to be surprised?? We elected a MUSLIM to be president of a christian-based country. I have no problem with someone being a Muslim….but I DON’T believe a Muslim should be president of a christian country, any more than a christian should be president of Iran. He is a thoroughly repulsive person and I can’t understand why there are actually people who think he’s a good president.

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