Peter Finch/Howard Beale minus any trace of dementia. Who can’t identify?

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  1. This guy is so right. These clowns in DC are going to kill small businesses and millions and millions of jobs. Then we will be left with the likes of GE’s Immelt who see nothing wrong in closing their x-ray division in the USA and shipping the jobs to China.

    1. Not only will GE ship their jobs offshore, but so will every unionized company.
      The crap that was thrown at Boeing for moving an assembly line to South Carolina will teach the Fortune 500 not to establish ANY FACTORIES IN FORCED UNION STATES EVER AGAIN!!!

    2. I agree with the gentleman’s sentiments 100%, as many of the
      readers do. However, what you’re not considering is the fact
      that Obama has been on a course to destroy the U.S. economy
      since before he took office. He has failed to do one positive thing to help the economy. He has created agencies and departments by the hundreds, run by czars, for the purpose of
      circumventing the Congress and regulating everything (as
      opposed to legislating). He is not stupid and inept, as everyone believes. He is, unfortunately, very crafty and sly,
      lying continually to throw everyone offtrack.He is not to be trusted. His agenda, as he himself stated 5 days before taking office, is to fundamentally change the United States of America. If people don’t wake up soon, it will be too late
      (if it isn’t already). The President can suspend all elections
      during periods of martial law. With the economy headed toward a cliff, are we that far away from social unrest (instigated by union thugs in the streets), which will require the declaration of martial law ( for our own good, of course)?
      HOLD THE LINE on the national debt limit…or risk losing all our liberties down the road.

      1. This is a video I have made in my mind many times. We all need to make our own. Richard, I agree. Obama’s agenda is to destroy or to do “transformational change” of our system. He thinks he is still in college talking about some socialist theory. This is reality. He is not as smart as he thinks he is. We just don’t have dems or repubs with the stones to stand up and call this guy out and impeach him for his circumventing the rules with his “if we can’t legislate, we’ll regulate” policy to get what he/they wants done; or his appoint czars to regulate as desired. I just wish I would have invested in precious metals three years ago….

    3. This guy is on target!

      Throw the bums out, cut off their benefits and salaries.

      Time to send tar and feathers to Washington D.C. for all of them– regardless of party or position.

    4. He is just saying what people have been saying over and over again, for as long as I can remember and I am 77 years old.
      Nothing ever became of it and nothing will ever become of it.It’s just his way of venting and those he is addressing know it. Remember the saying talk is cheap? Well, what is he or anybody else going to do about anything that goes on in government, short of civil war?

    5. I am not a politician nor a financial advisor. just blue collar trying to make it,probably better off than many others. what would happen legally or politically if no one voted, things would probably get really screwed up but at least our so called leaders might realize we are all upset and have no faith in our leadership

  2. Ditto to all this man said.
    The present administration is the worst to ever occupy our House – which we pay for. They give themselves raises, fly all over the world at our expense, even tell us what to eat.
    Tax payers have always footed the bills..which wouldn’t be so bad if we knew our politicians at the very least….loved this country. This administration is tearing down our way of life. They said “change”. OK what happens after the “change”? They have no clue.
    Is the bottom line….’they don’t know that they don’t know’?
    Come 2012 election time…Americans better wake up and ask that age old question….are you better off now?

  3. Thank you! You said exactly what we have been thinking as a small business owner. My husband works (literally) seven days a week, because we have not hired after employees have quit due to economic uncertainty, and the Obama Healthcare plan. You are so right when you said the President, Pelosi and Reid know nothing of sacrifice- They write laws that exempt themselves and their big donors from the effects of the punitive laws and EPA regulations they write. We are on the brink of becoming a Banana Republic, and our leaders could care less.

    If they want shared sacrifice, how about a mandatory minimum tax for EVERY WAGE EARNER. I don’t care if it’s only 5%, but if you vote for this stupidity, then you have to pay something. We tax PAYERS want all of the takers to really have some skin in the game- not the b.s. of paying in, but getting more in the Earned Income Tax Credit. That alone would help ease the stress on Small Business. Don’t give us the crap about the ‘poor’. If you work 7 days a week, two jobs, you don’t stay poor for long. Trust me, I KNOW because that’s how we started. And now all of you moronic, silver spoon politicians want to take away what we have spent decades building.

    We second your motion, Dittoville! Congress people, Senators and Mr. President: Grow up and do the job you charge a bundle to do, and don’t talk about ‘shared sacrifice’- LEAD BY EXAMPLE. You and your avarice have created this mess, WE the People expect you to fix it. Get off our back, put on your big kid pants, and do the damn work.

  4. Wow! I couldn’t have said it better. This should go viral to the WH, Congress, and the media.

    Thanks for speaking for so many, Mr. Garvin.

  5. Bravo! We should all be very worried that the DC knuckleheads can’t even fix the bandaid problem, when we all know that major surgery will be necessary long term.

  6. Well said, Mr. Garvin. How can we get this to go viral?

    Mr. Garvin’s point about those in the WH and on the Hill not ever taking any cuts in their benefits is outstanding. While the prez tells us to eat our peas, tighten our belts and inflate our tires he and his family are on one continuous vacation after another. Or he’s playing yet another round of golf.

    I’d like to see our leadership be the first to lead in “shared sacrifice” by not only taking a pay cut but also sacrificing their Cadillac health care packages and mandatory participation in Obamacare. Now lets talk about them sacrificing their ridiculous and costly pension plans.

  7. This completely echoes what is on my mind. Government has gotten too big, too bloated, and there are too many people that are “riding in the wagon” and doing nothing to pull it.

  8. I think that we all can agree with Mr. Garvin, but the replies have to be rated from good to excellent. Some of the best replies I have ever read. Again thanks to Mr. Garvin and the posters.

  9. Since CONGRESS STOLE THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND, why not simply take all the money in the congressional pension funds and return it to Social Security.
    Simple first step. I’m sure America’s TAXPAYERS can come up with trillions of similar proposals, probably enough to balance the budget!!!

    1. Just one little quibble; there never was a Social Security “trust fund.” It was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning; first recipients got mountains more back than they ever put in, middle group gets roughly back what they put in, last ones into the pyramid pay all their lives with NO CHANCE of ever getting any of it back. People live so much longer today as well as fewer people paying in. The very first recipient had paid in exactly ONE NICKEL, then retired the next month with full benefits for life. This monstrosity has ALWAYS been in the red.

      SOCIALism is always in the red.

  10. A la George Orwell’s 1984, this should be piped 24/7 into the Oval Office and every Congressman’s and Senator’s office. We fought one revolution to protest this kind of abuse, and we can do it again!

  11. I hope that someday soon I will be able to vote for this man for president. I am fed up, and I think we should start a “Clean House Party.”


  13. Couldn’t agree more with all the comments. My concern is that we are “preaching to the choir” We have to somehow spread these facts to all the voters and those in power.

  14. Thank you Mr. Garvin and thank you so much Richard Hegner-you said it exactly right. Why can’t we AMERICANS see this?

  15. amen, amen, AMEN!!!!!! This is the “Peoples Country” and not enough people are being heard. SPEAK UP and lets take our country back.

  16. Thank you thank you thank you. You are on the same soap box I have been on for the last two years!!! If you would run for office I would support you 100%

  17. I totally agree with all of the above. 30 years ago, I had to take an economics class. We reached the conclusion that if everyone with income (people, corporations, etc.) paid 1% or possible 5% tax on all income–NO LOOPHOLES, Foundations, Trust Funds, etc. we would be ok. Nobody would be paying 24%, 33%, 40% of their income in taxes. We also, need to cut out all of the foreign aid handouts to established countries who are taking our jobs, aid to countries who just stand in line with their hands out, and countries who hate us–but they are right there with hands out. We have homeless people, hungry children & it is time we take care of are own instead of everyone else. Our ELECTED officials have forgotten who they are supposed to represent. They spend 4 years getting 1 thing done & usually screw that up, too. It is time to kick them all out & take back the country our fathers, grandfathers, brothers & now moms & sisters have died for. I’m tired of being Politically Correct!!!!

  18. Oh boy, It’s about time we speak up an tell our so call
    leader’s to do what they were elected to do,and work us
    and not for their own gain………

  19. everyone who wrote the letters are so right. it;s time we the people stop this mess were in by getting all the people in washington out of office and put real people in office or have a revolt and quit paying taxes. we cant all be put in jail. or try to figure out something else by someone smarter than me. I hope someone can figure out something as we are in a terrible mess brought on by the present washington bunch.

  20. Amen to everything this gentleman said. I voted out everyone, good or bad last time that I could. I’m doing the same this time. Some people have said there are some good ones – where? They’ve all been in there too long. 2 terms is enough. They won’t allow us to vote on “term limits” – well, we have term limits. Vote them out. I can’t stand either party anymore. They try to convince us they want to “serve” America. NOT BEFORE THEY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. I’m tired of taking care of people, immigrants, OR NOT, who won’t help themselves. If they receive my tax dollars for anything, then they need to get out there and work at something – if nothing else – volunteer work – along our highways, mowing, picking up trash, etc. If not – you don’t get any of our money – especially our Social Security money. NO PART of that should ever go to anyone who is not an American citizen. PERIOD. Whatever Congress passes for Americans should be good enough for Congress. No more special deals for themselves.

  21. Exactly right! We need the third party in this country to set things straight. Republicans and Democrats are basically the same…spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax. We have had enough of this. This president and the majority of elected politicians are the worst in our history—and everyone thought that Jimmy Carter was bad!! It’s a sad commentary that everything has gone to hell in a hand basket, with very little time, if any, to reverse things.

  22. Absolutely True! Every word of it. If the average taxpayer acted the way the clowns in Washington acted we would be sitting in jail for fraud. These people are entrusted by their constituents to do what they were elected to do. I am sick and tired like ,I’m sure every else is, to do what we want done. They weren’t sent there to kiss ass or fit in or join the club but to do what their voters want and what is best for the country NOT for themselves. Special interests should be prosecuted for tampering with the people’s business, and the security of the nation. Since Washington is always coming out with to affect the average citizen then let’s start putting some of the special interests in jail for tampering and the greedy public officials that are helping them there too.

  23. Start NOW that two terms is the limit, and they will not get funds after the two terms. They will only get what the Americans get and no more. When their two terms is over, their pay is over!!

    They will have to find another job and make money just like the normal people get.
    Floyd Patterson

    1. He has just voiced what I have been thinking for a long time, at least for the last 2 years.
      I would like to know how the government can give themselves a pay raise because of cost of living rise but they tell me who is on Social Security that I don’t get a cost of living raise because there has not been a rise in cost of living. That has been the last 2 years in a row. May have been more years than that but I only started SS 2 years ago.

  24. Thank YOU. I am busy earning a living and raising a family. Sounds like you are too. They MAKE us focus on them because their greed, incompetence, corruption are destroying America. When they were just self-serving we let it ride because we are all so busy. We are now forced to see how far they have gone. Ir is not enough to vote them out. We must dismantle the bureaucracy which serves itself, NOT America, at every level of government. No more expense acounts, chauffers, publicists, parking permits. Any of YOU get that at work regardless of what kind of job you do?

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