America’s chief law enforcement officer has now outed himself as head shill and lobbyist for the thriving Race Industry. God forbid blacks [or any other self-proclaimed “permanent victim” group] succeed and be judged as MLK dreamed-by their characters, not the color of their skin. Such a disaster would spell the end of the Permanent Shakedown that defines so many newsworthy careers: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Sheila Jackson Lee, Cynthia McKinney, Maxine Waters, Louis Gates, Cornel West….there are too many riding that juicy gravy train to list. In playing the race card and refusing to prosecute or even condemn the New Black Panther Party, the Attorney General of the USA offically joins this noxious swarm of professional Shakedown Artists.

Read Jeffrey T. Kuhner at the Washington Times.

2 Replies to “Eric Holder’s liberal racism”

  1. Given its history, it’s amazing to see how my native country, South Africa has moved into an affirming “post racial” society. By contrast, under the leadership of our first black president, America squanders an incredible opportunity to heal, unite and raise up her people, to move them from the shadows of victimhood and to strengthen and ennoble all her citizens. Instead we are witness to the opportunistic exploitation of racial division with our president and attorney general at the helm.

    1. One of the down sides of freedom. Obama & Co. see it as license to plunder and destroy. It’s a uniquely American challenge to weather the scoundrels. Chances are good we’ll survive this nasty episode too…until the next perverse batch happen along and are encouraged by a sheepish public to do their mischief.

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