It doesn’t get any clearer than this: unions and their members, public & private, have come to expect every and anything they want and more with no end in sight. The reality: the jig is up.

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2 Replies to “The good life (for unions especially)”

  1. The union demands are quite clear IT IS THEM OR US. If the unions get their way, the states and the taxpayers will go bankrupt!!!
    Watch the European countries. Some are already bankrupt, the UK is being violently attacked for proposing budget cuts that are clearly needed.
    If you are broke and your child demands and expensive present, do you just give it to them in spite of the fact that you can’t afford it? The unions are behaving like spoiled children!!!

    1. The child-parent analogy should be as persuasive as any argument, but Leftists seldom allow the bedrock realities of their own lives stand in the way of their rosy ideals. THEY certainly wouldn’t pay, but surely someone else will. Maybe The Rich!!

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