I, Pencil

September 8, 2010


No one person can create a pencil. It’s the cooperative effort of thousands, operating in a miraculous setting called The Free Market.

Read Leonard Read’s classic essay on the genius of free market capitalism at The Library of Economics and Liberty…

Watch the movie version and enjoy a full curriculum on the free market at IPencil.org.

3 Responses to I, Pencil

  1. […] out this timeless little epigram  of what free trade, free markets, capitalism powered and populated by coun… without the help of Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and their moldy mob  of Marxist/Mafia scum.  […]

  2. […] to replace the BigGov Welfare mentality with the irrefutably positive can-do principles of free market capitalism: self-reliance, self-determination, the drive of the individual for self-improvement. It’s […]

  3. […] always the celebrated genesis of one little pencil, but that would be too troublesome (and real!!) for her and that gung-ho gang of mindless millions […]

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