It’s Obama’s debt, now $6 trillion more since his arrival on the scene. Sequester is a modest 2.2% cut in spending. Obama and his crowd scream Armageddon!!. Children will starve! Old folks will eat dog food! 100% unemployment!! Hundreds of millions out of work! “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed,” Obama said. “It is  something that Congress has proposed.” Um, according to Bob Woodward, that’s a lie, Mr. Prez. Woodward politely suggested Obama was “mistaken” a couple of months ago, and now even the Washington Post sits back in wonder and barks “Foul!”  There are consequences for anyone questioning the great God Obama, but somehow the shameless Obamatron whoppers and the skeptics’ response across the land continue to multiply like…well…Obama’s debt!

Naturally, Obama and Co. have everything to gain from people going hungry, jobs being lost, widespread suffering. Who would need these Mafia Elders if the American people were proven perfectly capable of seeing to their own needs primarily via the Free Market and not the “helpful” hand of Big Government?

Could this now legalized budget cut be a turn of the tide, both toward fiscal sanity and the unmasking of Obama?

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Look familiar? As much as the Left traditionally loathes the military and the police, wholesome young people in uniform are very handy props when selling your latest lie or creating your latest phony image.

Perched and not leaving until the unwelcome occupants do.

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