Happy Birthday, Roe vs. Wade!
Happy Birthday, Roe vs. Wade!

“Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby” video, celebrating 4 decades of legal abortion, produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Another example of pushing the envelope, taking a hyper-sensitive issue and delivering it in the most repugnant manner imaginable. They only stop short of having the pimped-up protagonist eat a freshly aborted fetus as hors d’oeuvres with his fine cognac, perhaps licking his fingers sloooowly, suggeeeeeeeestively to add to the self-satisfied effect.

The issue is the legalized destruction of innocent human life at its earliest stages. Turning abortion into a leering dirty video joke is snuff pornography in service to a political agenda. I dare you, the ad says, to do anything about it. We got the law on our side.

Much like the pack of gangsters comprising the Obama administration. Much like a U.S. Vice President behaving like an unsupervised teenage hall bully in an election debate, disregarding all decorum and the most basic courtesies…and getting away with it.

Participants observing the conventional rules are caught off-guard, debate is derailed, truth telling extinguished. There is method to this madness. Where there is no shame, anything goes, and decent people withdraw

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