Republicans in 2012 have been handed a gift: the biggest tax hike in our history and the assured promise of millions losing the healthcare benefits and choices offered by their employers. Remember how Obama assured the middle class, “No new taxes for anyone under 250K?” No need to read lips. The Big Lie is a deafening scream across the land now.   Add to that the newly legal landmark line drawn between the public and the intrusive Commerce Clause, and there is ample cause to hope. Come November, yesterday’s initial disappointment may even be cause for celebration.

Highly encouraging words from law professsor Dov Fischer at American Thinker.

For further encouragement, read the second, clearer thoughts of the initially despondent Mark Tapscott at Washington Examiner. Repeat: this is a tax, not a Liberal “humanitarian” benefit, and taxes can be rescinded every 2-4 years by the voters unlike a Supreme Court mandate frozen almost irreversibly in stone.  Repeat to yourself: it’s a tax, it’s a tax… Write to your Dem representatives and the White House: it’s a tax, it’s a tax…They don’t call us The Tea Party for nothing.

Then try Timothy Dalrymple reiterating the other possible silver linings to Chief Justice Roberts’ decision including another Supreme vote overshadowed by the mandate decision giving states more power to counter the Fed in instances such as these. Almost guaranteed to settle the jangled nerves.

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    1. We all would have preferred that Roberts had killed The Thing on Thursday. We can still kill it, and according to Fischer and a number of other serious legal minds, the longterm benefits of calling these “altruistic” gestures(past, present & future) from the Left what they are-TAXES-may override our worries today. It ain’t over yet!

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