Moving right along from the sanctified, awe-inspiring “O” to simply “LOL!” Destroying America is no joke, but if totally justified ridicule is the answer to vaporizing the Obama Fantasy, let the good times roll. Recovering our country might as well be fun too.

Read Clarice Feldman’s roundup of Fidogate at American Thinker including a few hilariously “delicious” graphics.

To add to the irony, the dog-eating nonsense is probably one more lie within the lie[he didn’t write his “memoir”]  for Barry.

Artiss YouTube Embed: The YouTube ID of nEBN8wOKjMo is invalid.

No, no, Barry! We said PEPperoni, PEPperoni!! 

Icing on the cake will be for Bo to finally find a decent home once the Obamas are out of the White House and his usefulness as a prop is nil.

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