Instructive for anyone trying to unravel the paradox of “Rich Socialist.” The competitive free market creates limitations on the acquisition of absolute power [and its attendant “absolute corruption”]. In the fantasy Socialist world of a Steve Jobs or any Leftist with money, a select few Fat Cats in bed with Washington float above such limitations and over everyone.  From a business point of view, the little people are entirely dependent upon that Elite axis for all goods & services.  Talk about Monopoly! And nowadays, why hide it? The greedy Robber Baron Monopoly image of yore has been cannily replaced by the bearded, sandaled Socially Conscious Socialist, tailor-made for all those Useful Idiots buying your products. To the 99%ers with their Iphones & Ipads, he’s One of Us! Raise my taxes….please!! [And while you’re at it, eliminate the competition, so I can have the whole market to myself.]

Read Jack Cashill at American Thinker.

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