Every holiday flight you take to Tuscany another one of these DIES!!!

A good day for polars bears is a bad day for Al Gore and his fellow Global Warming profiteers; and it’s a good day for polar bears. Their population has quintupled in recent decades.  What’s a washed-up politician turned bigtime con artist to do?


FAKE PHOTO hyped by ScienceMag.org, then recanted.  “…not a photo but a collage.” More about Ursus Bogus at Watts Up With That.

And now, the scientist who first started the heart-tugging Drowning Polar Bear meme under investigation for “integrity issues.” Just a side note: he’s the steward of roughly $50 million in scientific grants. Follow the money, even ( or especially) when it comes to worshipping Mother Gaia.  As Al Gore knows, Global Warming can be very lucrative for those heavily invested in it.

Read the amusing James “Always Right About Everything” Delingpole at The Telegraph.

Read Becky Bohrer’s article on the investigation from the AP at Yahoo.com.

More about Global Warming.

More about Junk Science.

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