If they say so, it's so.
Take his word for it.

Call us xenophobes. Call us racist. Call us whatever you please about choosing a way of life that’s free, robust, open, hopeful, tolerant over a way of life that’s NOT any of those things. Europe has been way ahead of us in its suicidal pursuit of a multicultural society overrun and infected by Islamic Sharia.sharia-will-come-to-america[1]

America is now doing its utmost to catch up with Europe’s dissolution by putting a committed AmeriPhobe in the White House: open borders, unchecked immigration, all those millions & millions of new, permanently Democratic voters on the rolls, music to the ears of your average short-sighted Democrat.

Islamic-Terror-In-America[1]For today’s committed Democrat, it’s ABAR: Anyone But A Republican, even the demise of  all personal liberties and the carefree, frivolous way of life allowing such lack of foresight.

Liberal friends: listen to Europe. Listen to this woman. Disregard at your own risk.

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