The Winner: Rush Limbaugh

“I hope he fails.” With those famous four words, uttered January 16, 2009 — only days before Barack Obama was to be inaugurated — Rush Limbaugh drew a line in the sand.

And as a result, this morning it is Rush Limbaugh who is the undisputed winner of the 2010 election. The White House is repudiated. The Pelosi-run House of Representatives, supported by the Democrats’ Congressional Campaign Committee, also deliberately targeted Limbaugh. Speaker Pelosi is, abruptly, now history. The Senate is richer by a still-undetermined number of conservatives as this goes to Internet press.

Vox Populi: Carbonite gets a message. Sandra Fluke’s 15 minutes almost up.

Carbonite CEO David Friend, currently under fire from conservatives for pulling advertising from Rush Limbaugh, is an Obama donor according to records obtained by the Federal Elections Commission.

According to the FEC, Friend donated $2,000 to the Obama Victory Fund (a joint fund-raising committee with the DNC) on July 1 of 2008, and $2,000 directly to the campaign on July 31 of 2008.

They Mean Well. Really?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why conservative pundits, even such stalwarts as Rush Limbaugh, when discussing the virtually inexhaustible supply of liberal follies and blunders, hasten to express their confidence that the perpetrators are “well-intentioned.” Why do conservatives hew mindlessly to the conventional line that far-left radicals are necessarily high-minded and motivated by the best of intentions?