AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 11/3/21`: A harbinger of very good news for all 50 states from the Commonwealth of Virginia for 2022 and 2024. Somewhat dampening this good cheer is that New Jersey suddenly flipped back to Prog/Covid tyrant Murphy after 40,000 Murphy votes suddenly, out-of-nowhere appeared post-election overnight in already 100% counted Bergen County. To no one’s surprise and adding to the travesty, dozens of voting machines suddenly shut down in the middle of the night without votes being counted,  now supposedly being examined.

Perhaps some aggressive  counter-action in court determining the exact source of those miraculous votes is in order. This jaw-dropping Project Veritas video of NJ poll workers giving an unregistered, self-described ” Irish citizen” a ballot offers a hint of something a wee bit amiss.  We are living the disastrous consequences of the stolen November 2020 election, THE ISSUE most in need of legal investigation if we are to have legitimate elections ever again in this country.

To accent-tchu-ate the positive, there was the astonishing routing of  the powerful Dem NJ Senate leader by a plainspoken Republican truck driver operating  on a whopping $150 budget. Virginia provides more breaking sunlight on the horizon. Part of that hopeful glow is the election of Winsome Sears as Youngkin’s Lt. Governor, a female Black former Marine and conservative. Best of all, the Youngkin-Sears victory was all about sane, anti CRT parents spearheading the recovery of America for the rest of us. Welcome to America’s comeback, perhaps most accurately described as The Year Of The Parent.

UPDATE 11/4/21: Winsome Sears is one more Black conservative giving lie to the White Supremacist meme poisoning our body politic. She is someone for patriots to watch and for the Left to fear.

UPDATE 11/3/21: Speculation runs through every hopeful thought about turning back the tsunami currently engulfing us: will Trump run again? If polls are to be believed, and considering what we face and what sort of outlandish, fearless leadership this war requires, we can only hope so. 

Choices have consequences. Those interested in freedom, self-sufficiency and opportunity to rise will take the one on the Right. Those interested in empty notions of peace, love, equality, harmony, free lunches and unicorns have opted for the other and gotten…something else.


UPDATE 11/3/21: Though untested in these quarters, one can bank on new social media platform Gettr being a step up from the social media currently available. One suspects this is the first of many similar alternatives to the FB/TWIT/INSTA axis. Is Gettr better? Anything would be an improvement.

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 11/56/21: It began the minute Trump won and achieved its ultimate purpose with a rigged election. Now at last, there are hints of postponed/denied justice finally being served. Is it too much to hope that  Durham is  really making some inroads toward exposing the 4 year coup and its perpetrators, starting from the obscure outsiders and slowly, slowly, slowly, inexorably moving inward to the very recognizable figures at the rotten core of it all? 

Durham: boring from the outside into the rotten core.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 11/2/21: Facts about who really did what on January 6 are becoming increasingly a problem for those Democrats/Leftists/RINOS who have cooked up the ridiculous “day of infamy” narrative to destroy all political dissent and opposition. There are innocent American citizens guilty of little or NOTHING  being held in what has become the American gulag now, and they must be released and the true story told of who put them there and why.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 11/5/21: Further endearing him to the MAGA base, DeSantis referred to the PINO Mafia as “the Brandon administration.”  How better to maintain one’s decorum in referencing this nightmare without coming off as anything less than refined?

My goodness! Even out of the mouths of innocent babes!




UPDATE 11/7/21: Not so long ago, NASCAR, alongside much of country music, was representative of MAGA America, providing it with its base. Now both have capitulated to the Woke Police to cover their behinds. Clueless NASCAR President Steve Phelps has actively made a point of disapproving and distancing himself from “Let’s Go, Brandon!” which originated and still thrives in his own grandstands. He is probably trembling at the prospect of being canceled and wants it both ways like RINOS, the NFL and all spineless politicians. Hoping to mollify the Left (as in NASCAR’s reflexive support of BLM in response to the Bubba Wallace noose hoax), they will lose their base.

UPDATE 11/4/21: Good question posed about whether comedy and the rest of free speech can survive Cancel Culture: who will have the last laugh? 



CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 11/6/21: America is doing its major head-in-the-sand bit and channeling Alfred E. Neuman (“What me, worry?”) as it continues to wear blinders about China’s potential control of two products that make the world go ’round. If Beijing chooses to conquer Taiwan, they will control the world’s great producer of computer chips. And now that Afghanistan has been surrendered without a shot, they are now privy to a motherlode of the lithium essential for batteries, courtesy of their pals, the Taliban.

Try running a computer, using a phone, setting your thermostat, driving your car or doing ALMOST ANYTHING of modern convenience without this.



UPDATE 11/6/21: Good news for millions as major resistance to Brandon’s vaccine mandates grows. The latest is a temporary halt to the OSHA mandate by a Federal judge.

UPDATE 11/6/21: To those questioning whether we are being forced to take a “vaccine” or something…um…rather more vague, check out the CDC studied alteration of the word’s meaning. Formerly, a vaccine was defined as  “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” That definition now reads, “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” Makes one think, but thinking is not really encouraged these days.

UPDATE 11/5/21: If one didn’t know better (which we do), one would think that everything the Brandon administration does is a deliberate attempt to wreck America in every way imaginable, vaccine mandates included. 

UPDATE 11/4/2`1: Black, conservative (ergo a mortal threat to the Woke Left), eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson adamantly warns against Covid vaccine mandates for children and rightly frames the whole, monstrous “pandemic” scam as “a giant experiment.”

Re-read The Great Barrington Statement to refresh yourself on what other legitimate, dedicated medical professionals have to say about the nightmare visited upon everyone, young and old, since March, 2020.

UPDATE 11/1/21: Those fanatic governors hot to inflict vaccine mandates on their constituents are either insane or evil: insane to drive millions of “essential” workers (like cops & firefighters & teachers from employment and/or evil to deny everyone the most basic rights of association and movement.


UPDATE 11/6/21: Using Ivermectin in India and Japan (which has suspended injections in favor of the drug) has decimated Covid infection rates. Who you gonna believe? Discount at your own risk.

UPDATE 11/4/21: The shocking, widespread resistance of the medical establishment to cheap, plentiful and provably effective supplements goes hand-in-hand with the rejection of ivermectin and HCQ  as antidotes to Covid.  Perhaps medicine has really become all about power, one more reason the doctors and scientists most loudly touting “medical science” have lost all credibility. Most of us have good reason to believe it’s all about something FAR removed from altruistic, medical or scientific motives. Like maybe, perhaps, possibly, could it be…money?

One could always trying eating the foods that are good for us and consciously give up the crap.



UPDATE 11/6/21: Let’s see: BRANDON cancels the oil pipelines (Michigan’s being the latest in their sights), domestic exploration and drilling that were making us energy independent…which deliberately makes us once again dependent upon foreign oil from OPEC & Iran. And then we’re told by the diabolical, laughing Energy Czarina that it’s “HILARIOUS!” to contemplate lower gas & energy prices. 2+2=5, and don’t you dare think otherwise, fools.

There’s something about cackling Leftist women that arouses a special nausea all its own. 

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 11/6/21: Watch THE GREAT RESET livesteam teleconference/lectures from Hillsdale College, November 7-10.

UPDATE 11/4/21: It becoming more apparent that we didn’t fully win the Cold War as totalitarian communism is the underlying philosophy and blueprint driving today’s aspiring tyrants within our government and throughout worldwide Wokedom. For want of a better description, one could accurately call it Cold War II.


UPDATE 11/6/21: Scary political scenarios and prophecies like “Who Owns The World?” abound, and one must sort out what is real and what is paranoid or just dramatics. Simple math should make anyone anxious at the wide open border flooding of foreigners into our social welfare system. This is the evil Cloward-Piven strategy formulated to bankrupt the capitalist system and turn us all into faceless ciphers of totalitarian serfdom.




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 11/5/21: That the elections in Viriginia of Winsome Sears (Black, female) and Jason Miyares  (Hispanic) has drawn barely an atom of attention let alone celebration from the MSM only proves once again that ID politics is not about improving life for whatever victim group-of-the-week but solely about advancing Leftism.

Being ignored is the least of it when media Leftists desperately resort to calling Sears “a Black mouth” for “White Supremacist practices.”  Politically independent and expressing her own negative opinion of CRT has elicited similar sputtering contempt from another MSM stooge for Condi Rice.

We know the Left hates conservatives, but a special hatred is reserved for those “victims” who refuse to play victim.  The only good (FILL IN THE BLANK) is a Leftist (FILL IN THE BLANK). And the only solution for a (FILL IN THE BLANK) who refuses to be the (FILL IN THE BLANK) mouth for Leftist practices is a silenced or, better yet, dead (FILL IN THE BLANK).


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority



UPDATE 11/6/21: The Left and its various power-mad appendages around the world have had a special hatred for Israel since the Balfour Declaration (really a letter written on November 2,  1917) proposing a national home for the Jewish people. The miraculous success of Israel and its will to not only survive but prevail remains a perpetual sharp stick in the collective eye of its detractors. Not the least of these anti-Semitic foes have been the so-called “peace groups,” many of them the tiresome dregs of the American Left allied with Jew haters everywhere. Such social pests exist only to  disparage all progress like the Abraham Accords that might strengthen ties in the Middle East between Israel and neighboring Arab states. Much to their dismay, Israel is not going away.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party





UPDATE 11/3/21: Calling liberals and democratic socialists “stupid” has never been really insightful or accurate. It is rather willful ignorance and intellectual laziness that has allowed them to bathe like the proverbial frog in the comforting warm water of guilt-fueled altruism without noticing the water is being turned up to the lethal boiling point of fascism/communism.



TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 11/6/21: Not so long ago, the verified contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the alleged entries from Ashley Biden’s diary would have resulted in the immediate and permanent disappearance of one Big Guy from public life. If the diary entries are authentic, any deaf/dumb/blind skeptics left on the planet will now be forced to see the darkest, rankest aspects of what makes up this thoroughly unsavory character at the center of the Brandon administration.

No surprise but unsettling to hear that admirable Project Veritas which has brought the diary to the fore is now the subject of direct FBI harassment. Stand by for disturbing developments in what is fast becoming an unrecognizable America.






UPDATE 11/1/21: The Lincoln Project, a political concoction of Leftist cockroaches ridiculously passing themselves off as “republicans,” is behind the desperate attempt to tar Terry McAuliffe’s opponent in the VA Governor’s race with the white supremacist brush. (How’s that for colorful imagery!) Alas, it appears this is one more Leftist/RINO hoax doomed to fail.


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