Long overdue.
Conservatives are Dreamers too.  Note that we leave such inelegant dreams as this depicted to the hands of our better angels, a Higher Power, not to the State or its  elected stooges and jackboot drones.

We grow impatient for a reckoning. We are sick of being on permanent trial for the dual offenses of breathing and not voting for Barack or Hillary.   

Sadly, even now with Trump “pardoned” for the cooked-up Russian Collusion crime he didn’t commit, he and all realistic Conservatives know they cannot enjoy the luxury of vindication or justice. We can only ponder what the next projected crime is and how to handle the latest episode of being dragged into the court of life for some unpardonable sin, always having something to do with the wish to be left alone, to live and let live, to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Also known as Not being a Leftist/Statist/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Marxist.

Even though sin and guilt do not exist by self-definition within the soul of anyone on the Left, our noble Marx-inspired brethren are more than eager to play punishing God to anyone not wholly subscribed to their Progressive religion. Nowadays with the wild traffic gridlock of Obamaic intersectional ID politics, everyone (including all Leftists who might stray from The Faith) is permanently on trial.

Ask any Trump supporter who wants only a free American market of ideas and products and associations.

Ask a prominent Liberal Democrat like Alan Dershowitz, unforgivably Conservative on occasion and thereby subject to the wrath of the MeToo Mafia.

Ask anyone these days using the “wrong” pronoun in either a professional or personal setting.

Ask little, miraculous Israel (and really all over-achieving Jews worldwide) , the target of the same wild-eyed Trump-hate for “occupying” their own lands, for just existing.

Ask the bedrock document of America, the venerable old Constitution and the host of laws derived from it subject to attack and threatened obsolescence: unchecked illegal immigration,  getting those illegals on the dole and registered to vote;  packing the Inner Cities with millions of American-born welfare dependents; lobbying to outlaw the Electoral College that gives voice to us maverick, self-reliant Yahoos Out Here in the provinces; lowering the voting age to kindergarten (Get ’em while they’re young!). When you can’t do it by the old, established rules, change the rules.

The overall agenda of our enemies within and without is dark and daunting, the fight is ongoing if we are ever to see the tables turned, even for a fleeting moment. (How about investigating Hillary and her moldy minions!!)

Get used to being on trial, constantly in self-defense mode. Short of all-out bloodshed, let us hope this Civil War remains a vigorous battle of ideas and philosophies, not bullets and guillotines.

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