UPDATE 10/9/21: Those we once considered “public servants” in government have now morphed, movie monster style, into soulless automatons pulling the major levers of power. An ominous specter.

UPDATE 7/2/21: The Master Planner is the ultimate in insanity, possessed of a hunger for power that can never be sated. What better example than Harry Lime’s (Orson Welles) speech to Holly Martins(Joseph Cotten) atop that Viennese Ferris wheel in “The Third Man?” The one about his total lack of concern “if those dots down there stopped moving.”

Master Planner, par excellence, looking down on the Insignificant Little People.

ORIGINAL POST 3/8/16: Hardened atheists and others along the agnostic spectrum don’t believe in nothing. They must substitute their own new gods, and validating Chesterton’s famous dictum, that could be anything or anyone…like themselves for instance.

For today’s Progressives like Barack, Bernie & Hillary,  the Almighty State is God, and they are ITS High Priests. So we must suffer at the hands of those self-appointed deities who promise everything to the empty and helpless. The results are invariably something a bit short of Paradise. Rather, it’s Hiroshima after the blast, tragically not a hyperbolic comparison.

Our New Age saviors are in the business of crushing Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand, the natural order and organization of things that has a creative life of its own, a total affront to Marx’s modern messengers. Borders/boundaries/distinctions/meanings/rules of law are blurred; confusion, fear and chaos reigns. That accomplished, a complete, rigid makeover of the world can occur. None of it would be possible without the cooperation of the masses. Don’t blame Hillary, don’t blame Bernie, don’t blame Barack. Look to those of blind faith aroused by the promises of their latest Master Planners, Those Who Would Be God.

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The Master Planners Who Would Be God”

  1. This excellent analysis of the underlying forces for trends in the world made think of an email exchange I had with my brother. I somehow came across Gandhi’s Seven Sins. They are listed below followed by my brother’s comments.
    I hope this is of interest.

    Here’s his replay:

    Boy… Except for #4, Gandhi’s views are contrary to today’s dominant/popular culture – at least in the Western World.

    1) Wealth without work.

    Today, this does not have to be limited to rich people. Think of all the people getting money from the government or law suits that they don’t have to work for.

    2) Pleasure without conscience.

    Could anyone argue that we’re not encouraged to do what pleases us as much as possible and not feel guilty about it?

    3) Knowledge without character.

    The entire concept of character has largely been divorced from learning.

    4) Commerce without morality.

    It is very popular to talk of immoral drug, insurance, or oil companies. However many – even those that vote left of center – consider commerce as essentially good. It can’t be immoral but doesn’t have to be moral. This seems to be the Wall Street Journal view.

    5) Science without humanity.

    Again, humanity often divorced from science – think of environmentalism.

    6) Worship without sacrifice.

    Except for the small O orthodox, now religions preach you don’t have to do what you don’t feel like doing – that of course includes the religion of secular humanism.

    7) Politics without principal.

    Don’t know that this is any worse than it’s always been.

    I should add that the dominant culture is very moralistic. However this is always about changes others should make and does not involve any meaningful personal sacrifice. That’s very different from the traditional Hindu, Christian or Jewish point of view.

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