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An authentically open-minded militant Lesbian/staunch Democrat dynamites the hypocritical PC bunker constructed around today’s Progressive Fascism: “Sexuality has been politicized–“Don’t ask any questions!”  “No discussion!” “Gay is exactly equivalent to straight!” And thus in this period of psychological blindness or inertness, our art has become dull. There’s nothing interesting being written–in fiction or plays or movies. Everything is boring because of our failure to ask psychological questions.”

Camille Paglia: maddening in her voting habits, always worth reading. Part two of the interview taking apart Jon Stewart, the Left’s close-mindedness and sneering atheism (Camille is an atheist!) Part three of the interview she lays into both the GOP & Dem Prez candidates, Hillary coming off the most doomed and damned. One remains mystified by her steady devotion to idealized leftism, but the originality and clarity of her world view are refreshing: honest intellectuals like her welcome debate and discussion.

A perspective that might encourage millions of gay INDIVIDUALS to turn about and walk off the robotic Leftwing plantation.
A refreshing perspective that might encourage millions of talented, independent gay INDIVIDUALS to turn about and walk off the robotic Leftwing plantation toward their own unique destinies.

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