Add “Net Neutrality” to the Leftist litany of fixing things that aren’t broken. Just as the “Affordable HealthCare Act” aka ObamaCare is neither affordable nor about healthcare, just as “Catastrophic Climate Change” is not catastrophic but simply The Weather, so “Net Neutrality” is not about “fairness” on the Internet. It’s about control, specifically government bureaucratized rationing of bandwidth, doled out to whomever bribes, wheedles & extorts most effectively. Pushing it are the usual suspects: Obama’s White House, George Soros, the average Leftwing Hollywood/Corporate activist annoyed by dissent straying from the Party line. What more effective way to silence dissent? The privileged few, again, get to decide what the rest of us are allowed.

Free market? Free trade? Free choice? Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand continuing to work its miracles? Sorry. Too much “conservative” activity & interchange out there.


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