Without hyperbole, historian Paul Johnson describes Baroness Thatcher’s influence on modern human affairs as one unmatched by any other woman since Catherine The Great. If championing and implementing the tried-and-true principles of genuine human progress be the measure, this was  a woman of unparalleled consequence and principle, a Lady “not for turning.”


Eulogizing Reagan’s greatness, she describes her own.

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Thankfully absent the presence of our embarrassing President, the ultimate un-Thatcher, Britain lays one of her giants to rest. And, burying her ashes, more than a few lament the end of an England that has stood fast & firm for centuries.

And no one is happy subsidizing your useless life.


Bowing out with a roar after being driven from office, Thatcher presciently warns of the Euro’s folly and its dire economic and political consequences. In a theatrical flourish of brilliant style and thrilling substance, all in service to the advancement of human liberty, one must wonder what it was about Callas or Sutherland that could drive an audience to greater delirium.

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