If the goal is increasing prosperity for the poorer among us and NOT taxing the rich & successful, “well-intentioned” Leftists might consider lower taxes. But that would be “tax breaks for the rich!!!” [Oops, there they go again. Just can’t help themselves. Reflexively hating the rich much more than loving the poor.] Since Obama & Co. haven’t [yet] outlawed people moving to where jobs & potential prosperity are, people are doing just that. And for numbers, compare Maine & New Hampshire for two contrasting economic histories. Maine has penalized the private sector with high taxes, New Hampshire hasn’t. The coffee mug & tote bag for guessing which one has the higher per capita income and larger private sector. Thankfully for Maine, they now have a governor who understands Economics 101 and doesn’t waste his precious time reading the very silly Paul Krugman.

Maine Vs. New Hampshire, Blue vs. Red

Dr. Sowell explains it for you.

Dr. Friedman patiently explains it for you.

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