Supreme Court gone wild

UPDATE (6/28/15): Gay Marriage  now the law of the land. It remains to be seen how tolerant the political Gay lobby is toward people and organizations who don’t necessarily want to celebrate the redefinition of marriage.

Free people make their own choices, live/sleep/do business with whomever and wherever they choose; add to that the Golden Rule and a few laws to protect our individual property and choices, and you have a miraculously free, vital society. Throw in a few common sense facts  like “It takes a man and a woman to perpetuate the race,” and you’ve got a  pretty reliable model for the Good Life.

Not good enough, say the American “transformers,” currently headed up by one annointed savior Barack Obama. Words, concepts, basics truths, the whole society needs redefining and “fundamental transformation.” This is true if the annointed saviors are to separate free people from their money, their property, their individual souls. Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Females, Victimized-Group-Of-The-Week: it’s your money, your property, your choices, your individual souls too.  Beware. There is a most definite downside to sacrificing one’s individual rights to the collective.

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