There is an irrefutable truism that, whether directly attributable to Orwell or not, is still…a trusim: “Men sleep peacefully in their beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” It doesn’t matter who said it. It’s true. Those doubting that are living in their own cozy world of make believe.

For those still squeamish about firearms and the rational use of them, check out one honest man’s account of his own relationship history with guns. Of course most of us are scared; but that’s because we value life, our own included. Bad guys don’t care about the living. Whatever “good” might have existed in the soul of the Newtown shooter and his murderous predecessors was entirely gone by the time he started shooting. The difference between pro-gun Conservatives and anti-gun Liberals is that, if necessary, Conservatives are willing to be those adult, responsible “rough men” described.

Meet William L. Gensert and the very recognizable challenges of being a Conservative in LiberalLand.

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