Pick your whopper! The third debate is so full of them, it’s like giveaway day at Burger King! Perhaps the whopper to end all whoppers is the one Obama mendaciously claimed was, of all things,  “probably the biggest whopper that’s been told during the course of this campaign…,” namely The Apology Tour. Fact check: surrounded by American apologists, our First Citizen Of the World’s bowing & scraping & atoning abroad was deliberate,  carefully crafted American policy.

Karl Rove quotes Henry Kissinger in this excellent 2009 WSJ article on Obama’s Sorry, So Sorry Tours : “The great statesmen of the past saw themselves as heroes who took on the burden of their societies’ painful journey from the familiar to the as yet unknown. The modern politician is less interested in being a hero than a superstar. Heroes walk alone; stars derive their status from approbation. Heroes are defined by inner values; stars by consensus. When a candidate’s views are forged in focus groups and ratified by television anchorpersons, insecurity and superficiality become congenital.”

Barry O: Superstar & Whopper King.



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