No apologies from these quarters in saying we’re biased…in favor of the truth and concrete action that actually benefits people. In this second debate, Barack Obama continues to project his own innate dishonesty onto Romney like salted cotton candy flying out of a meat grinder. Aided & abetted by moderator Candy Crowley, there is not much this serial liar and Chicago slip-slider can do to look anything but unappetizing. One pundit says he “went aggressive-and looked offensive.”  This is the style that always pleases his hard Left base, but for the rest of us, this man’s record and history sits like crusted egg on that finely crafted mask he wears.


2 Replies to “The Obama Style:
Cotton Candy Flying Out Of A Meat Grinder”

  1. I’m sure I speak for many when I ask: Why do the Republicans allow/tolerate these leftist “moderators” over and over and over again? WHY??? Can anyone possibly imagine the reverse? A conservative moderator? The left would be screaming like the profoundly immature bratty “children” that they are; (no offense to children) .

    Actually I remember one debate with a Fox panel, I believe, but it was the only one I can recall.

    1. Any means justifies the Left’s noble, unassailable ends. Cheating, lying, stacking the deck, changing the rules, making up new ones as they go, all without shame. Doesn’t matter. One can’t criticize them, they are above any reproach. On the other hand, nothing in their minds justifies Conservative ends, let alone our existence. How sad that we and our ideas just keep popping up, again and again and again and again and…

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