For our Liberal friends and the partisan media who own them, body & soul, reality is The Enemy:  not trillion dollar debt deliberately incurred to ruin our economy and rob us of our personal freedom, not power-hungry, lying politicians, not bloodthirsty Islamists who openly profess to hate us, not the “humane” socialism (ObamaCare) that inevitably precedes all brutal totalitarian regimes, not the REAL things that will destroy and cripple America and the whole world with it.

Read Daniel Greenfield at Canada Free Press.

From Melanie Phillips at Daily Mail, the shocking Romney “gaffe,” a perfectly decent recital of reality: a chilling near-majority  (47%) of Americans have become dependent upon government handouts as a basic entitlement. Why would they and their prosperous, guilty Liberal apologists/enablers vote for someone who doesn’t promise more of the same?  Romney is addressing the essential corruption of the American character from decades of Liberal/Socialist Democratic policy. From the Obamanite Mother Jones, proudly trumpeting their “expose,” The Blockbuster Video. At all costs, kill the messenger, ignore/bury the message.

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