You’ve come a long way, baby! The Obama/Biden campaign promises this sunny, utterly carefree  and totally Sovietized Life of Julia whose every NEED is met [original version scrubbed from Obama website] while living entirely off the ABILITY of those who work for themselves and among others who do the same. Problem is, as with every rosy Socialist utopian promise, other people’s money always runs out, and things aren’t so rosy for our Julia.

At last the lines are clearly drawn by the un-Obama candidate: “You want free stuff? Vote for the other guy.”  Better he ask the Sandra Flukes of the world: “You want to freeload off other people’s efforts and bank accounts? Vote for the other guy.”

Sandra “Julia” Fluke, Welfare Queen and PPPP (Pathetic Planted Political Prop).

Instead, try’s “Better Life For Julia.” That’s more like it.

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and short Life of “Julia,”
Kept Woman, Lifelong Dependent”

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