So “free” healthcare isn’t free after all? And the Fed forcing people to pay for a “free” healthcare plan they don’t want isn’t a tax? And the Fed forcing American citizens to do what they don’t want to do for their own good isn’t forcing them to do things they don’t want to do or, in less polite terms, this isn’t tyranny? Just asking.

Maybe compulsory, “free” healthcare isn’t such a good thing. And maybe this has never been about “free” healthcare but about creating a majority of dependent voters who will keep their beneficient keepers in power permanently. There’s also the business of who will pay for all those dependents. So, we can’t have a complete dictatorship. Let the other 49% of productive and thrifty citizens keep creating and producing and paying taxes. What a plan!

Optimistic words from Tim Phillips at “Americans For Prosperity.”

Check out Americans For Prosperity.

One Reply to “President Obama’s health care law is unraveling”

  1. Get Rid of this Guy that should not be there and stop all this
    anti American everything!!!

    Just get him out of AMERICA and close the door for him to return!!!

    He should never see america again!!! Pat

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