Socialism Explained

The Big Lie of Socialist Big Government’s  virtue over limited government &  free market capitalism now coming unabashedly out of the mouth of the President of the United States. The ash heap of history awaits this slick Ozymandias and those in the Democratic Party determined to follow him over the cliff.

Read Investor Business Daily’s simple refutation of Obama’s Big Lie.

CNS article & video highlighting cogent points of Obama’s “It’s Never Worked” speech.

Read more about “Obama’s Godfather Speech” by Daniel Henninger at

Read more about Osawatomie Obama’s “assault on facts and history” at Washington Examiner.

Selwyn Duke’s disturbing discovery of another Osawatomie connection. Embarrassing coincidence or deliberate shoutout to old Weathermen pals?

Read more about Socialism and its illustrious history of strangling  freedom.

The Last Nations - Socialism

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