THE political enigma of American politics. Who has more to lose than the Jews voting for an Obama or Carter and their unapologetic Let’s Destroy Israel policies? Defying all logic and proven brilliance as a people, they still do it in overwhelmingly lockstep numbers. The best explanation to date? Rejecting the traditional Judaism of their forefathers, the new American Jewish Faith is Liberalism/Socialism. Doesn’t marching lockstep to a “new” rousing National Socialism ring any bells, bells playing a distinctively German tune? Vote for me, and I’ll confiscate your wealth and doom your race to extinction. What a deal!

Read James Lewis at American Thinker.

More on the political enigma of American Judaism.

2 Replies to “Are Jews Permitted to Doubt The New York Times?”

  1. That’s has been an enigma to me for years. I see similarities with the Catholic church (clearly, not as dire). Illinois has just voted to deny Catholic Charities funding for their foster care program because of the Church’s position on gay marriage. That denies sustenance for 2,000 children. Yet the priests are preaching each week for one reason or another to support the progressive policies of the left and the Democrat politicians.

    1. Liberalism is an unbending religious order of its own kind and woe unto anyone who opposes its tenets, Jew or Catholic. And the biggest victims are the lockstep, doctrinaire Liberals themselves. Who whips themselves more than they, and who expects all of us, nay demands all of us, to join in on the masochistic fun?

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