The Truth About Dorner: Leftism Is Violence

February 11, 2013

‚ÄúImaginary Violence from the Right vs. Actual Violence from the Left.”¬†¬†With very few exceptions, tyrannical political¬†force and random attacks from madmen nowadays comes from the Left, all in the noble name of¬†(enforced) “equality.”¬†Even egghead Liberals too ignorant & terrified of handling a gun or even wielding a knife or lead pipe¬†can¬†rationalize¬†violence and¬†force¬†in service to their beloved Religion of Redistribution. Noble Marxist Revolutionary ends seem to justify any¬†means (up-to-the-minute examples being legion).¬†Reflexively blame Righty all you like, but these days, Lefty’s got the bloody hands and smoking guns.

Can you feel the Left Love?

Can you feel the Love?

Violence Epidemic from the Left

Violence Epidemic from the Left

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