The Truth About Dorner: Leftism Is Violence

February 11, 2013

‚ÄúImaginary Violence from the Right vs. Actual Violence from the Left.”¬†¬†With very few exceptions, tyrannical political¬†force and random attacks from madmen nowadays comes from the Left, all in the noble name of¬†(enforced) “equality.”¬†Even egghead Liberals too ignorant & terrified of handling a gun or even wielding a knife or lead pipe¬†can¬†rationalize¬†violence and¬†force¬†in service to their beloved Religion of Redistribution. Noble Marxist Revolutionary ends seem to justify any¬†means (up-to-the-minute examples being legion).¬†Reflexively blame Righty all you like, but these days, Lefty’s got the bloody hands and smoking guns.

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