Gobs of GloBaloney: The Something-For-Nothing World of Green Energy

January 28, 2013

Our own unfortunate version of Stalin’s science czar Lysenko, Michael Mann is just another Global Warming/Global Winter/Climate Change/Whatever profiteer. Fast becoming our new meme: regarding Leftist “Humanitarians“-always, always, always follow the money.  Accusing the diabolical (conservative/libertarian) Koch Brothers of funding Climate Change Denial, check out Mike’s own Millions of Mad Money. Not quite up to the Al Gore level of Climate Change profit but very juicy by any standard. As this article terms it, welcome to the “Something-For-Nothing World of Green Energy,” attracting the Italian Mafia themselves! Another meme that keeps repeating itself: dere’s Gold in dem dere Green hills.


3 Responses to Gobs of GloBaloney: The Something-For-Nothing World of Green Energy

  1. […] Al’s Current TV boondoggle. Armand and Al, carrying on a great crony capitalist tradition. Always, always follow the money, especially with leftwing […]

  2. […] Follow the money. Aside from its totally sinister political implications, there’s a great deal of filthy lucre to be accrued from the purported “manmade” global warming (climate change) “crisis.” That includes the profit motive underlying the  so-called “science” behind the panic. Obviously, there’s a great deal of resistance to exposing the deliberate hoax it is. Opponents of man-made Climate Change are likened to Holocaust deniers. Being rightly called Global Warming Nazis in response displeases the earth-loving Believers.  Some suggest immediate imprisonment for those not going with The Plan. On the rational side, those not intent on the Stalinist takeover of science (and all human activity) continue the honest debate: science or science fiction? […]

  3. […] hysteria whipped up by rich, famous Climate Change profiteers (Al Gore being the most blatantly greedy), nearly any one of these manipulations of public tastes […]

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