They Mean Well. Really?

December 14, 2011

The Goode Family

No more pretensions of “meaning well” and “good intentions.” Conservatives determined to  be civil can simply practice tough love on their political opponents. Substitute calm, clear-eyed facts and a fair accurate description of inconsistencies. It will either waken them from their Big Dream…or drive them crazier, both quite acceptable outcomes.

Read Victor Volsky at American Thinker.

Watch “Good Intentions,”  Walter Williams’ 30 minute PBS documentary.  “We were winning the war on poverty in this country until shortly after Lyndon Johnson declared war on it.” 

Good Intentions, Part One

Good Intentions, Part Two

Good Intentions, Part Three

One Response to They Mean Well. Really?

  1. […] challenge faced dates back 50 years to LBJ’s Great Society, dropped magnanimously like a well intentioned anvil on Blacks freshly liberated by the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. Instead of opening the doors to a great society of Constitutionally protected freedom to rise as […]

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